Cloud Based Solutions

A major innovation in the IT world is cloud-based storage and computing providing a significant contribution to private and public sector development and efficiency.
Many companies and businesses believe that the cloud has many benefits for their business, as it dramatically reduces the cost of managing their technology infrastructure, in addition to being flexible, measurable, self-service, and easier to access data.
Before you get started with cloud computing, it’s important to develop a cloud-based computing strategy that best suits your business.
There is no single right way or strategy to make the most of cloud services. The decision depends on the data center, applications, service portfolio and the changing business needs.
If you want to use cloud computing in your company, it’s tempting to simply start using different cloud services. However, you need to make sure you have developed a cloud-based computing strategy that is designed for your company. Not all cloud services are right for every company.

Here are five key areas to consider when designing your cloud computing strategy:

When and how to use public, private, and hybrid cloud services?
• What is your company’s strategy for managing capital and operating costs over time?
• How do you plan to achieve the right level of service in the cloud and data center?
• What are the rules and regulations that a cloud provider must follow to keep your business secure?
• How do you plan to control your data while moving from the data center to external clouds?

MobileGap’s experts have in-depth knowledge and experience in designing and building custom cloud-based solutions for a wide range of business needs in different industries, helping small and medium-sized businesses develop a comprehensive cloud strategy.