IoT Solutions

Mobilegap is committed to acquiring the knowledge base of continuous technological development in both the Telecommunications and IT sectors striving to optimally utilize this knowledge. The knowledge and experience gained during the delivery of projects designed jointly with our Clients becomes a unique value, an outstanding example of which is the development directions of our Smart Solutions, which belong to the wide-ranging segment of IoT (Internet of Things). We can make the operation of our clients’ office buildings, sites, business premises, as well as homes and apartment houses (specified ecosystem) more efficient and convenient by adapting to the expectations created by current pandemic situation (COVID-19. using automated decision-making algorithms and artificial intelligence.

Smart devices

Selection of sensors and devices. Development, conceptual design, prototyping, testing and eventual implementation of networked hardware and software specifications.


Lightweight data protocols + 3G / 4G / 5G, LoRa, BLE, ZigBee

Cloud platform

Support for cloud solution selection - build (Openstack) vs buy (AWS, Azure), Infrastructure service development


Development of a device management portal,
Creating mobile and web campaigns

IoT (Internet of Things) is a network connected set of “smart” devices that can collect and process data thanks to sensors.IoT (Internet of Things) is a network connected set of “smart” devices that can collect and process data thanks to sensors.

It has seven important features:It has seven important features:

• Connectivity
• Things – anything designed for interconnection (sensors, house devices, etc.)
• Data – the main component of IoT
• Communication: Connected things are able to communicate with each other byexchanging data and this data can be used for further analysis
• Intelligence: intelligence collected from sensory data and analysis
• Action – a consequence of intelligence, which can be manual or automated
• Ecosystem – a wide network of interconnected devices and technologies used by companies and professionals to achieve a specific goal.